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Natural Handmade Soaps

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Bubbly Belle: The Art of Handmade Soaps


Welcome to Bubbly Belle Artisan Soaps.  Each of our unique handmade soaps is a little work of art.  We aim to create beautiful artisan soaps with lovely fragrances.  We enjoy making these soap creations and we take pride each time one of them takes a place in your home.  We take great care when making our soaps to use high-quality micas, butters, oils, and essential oils to enhance your bathing experience.


Bubbly Belle Artisan Soap

Novel Soaps

Something new in our handmade artisan soap shop.  Discover our latest creations, each bar of soap is unique, fun, and extrordinary!

Happy Clients

5 out of 5 stars

A gorgeous, luxuriously smooth soap with intricate floral detail on top, plus a touch of sparkle! Loved the delicate floral scent!

J. Bellerive

Ils sont tellement beaux et ils sentent bons. Tellement doux pour la peau.


Great company and extras are a classy touch.

Handmade Soaps made with Love


Bubbly Belle artisan soaps are little works of art and are useful.  Handmade soaps are much better choice for you and for the environment.  First, they are true soaps, contrary to commercial soaps bars that are not soaps, but in fact detergent.  Our soaps are made with high-quality ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, and a wonderful selection of essential, fragrance oil. And let’s not forget micas, clay, and dry flowers.  Our handmade soaps are design to delicatly clean your beautiful skin.


Bubbly Belle Artisan Soap

Benefits of  Bubbly Belle Handmade Soaps

1. High-quality ingredients, culinary grade.

2. It comes from a small family business in Montreal, with no supply-chain issues.  Purchasing handmade soap from local businesses means supporting community members.

3. All of our soaps are vegan-friendly.  We do not use animal products or milk.  Our handmade soaps are palm oil-free.

4. Moisturize your hands better.

5. Packaging is sustainable, we reuse old boxes for shipping.

6. Handmade in small batches with love and creativity.

7. When we go to crafts fairs, people always say that we have the most beautiful soaps:-)

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